In order to efficiently create and produce excellent products for you, Prohero's professional team of R&D designers and sales team follow a simple process that makes working with us easy and enjoyable.

  • 1. Brainstorming session/Concepts and Direction

  • 2. 2D sketches: We send a series of hand drawn sketches for you to review and decide

  • 3. 3D drawing: We can visualize the finished product

  • 4. RP model is created and sent to you for feedback and revision

  • 5. Mold Tooling is approved for production

  • 6. Samples are produced for approval

  • 7. Production order

  • 8. Shipment

We will always strive to be innovative and on the cutting edge; creating products with impeccable craftsmanship to help you become one of the dominant leaders in your market.


Over 10 years of product development experience, you can depend on us to get the job done. All projects are developed through the design department to prevent communication and decision-making errors.


Solidworks, Rhinceros


Our factory owned RP machine allows us to expedite the development process and get feedback in matter of days. The save time allows us to proceed to tooling at a faster pace.